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The cost of the course is £20 per person for each annual licence. 

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Teach staff about the new data protection regulation and keep them aware of the risks that you face on a daily basis.

  • Data can be lost or stolen in an instant
  • Impacts under GDPR can be large fines or crippling sanctions
  • “Low security awareness amongst employees continues to be the biggest inhibitor to defending against cyberthreats”. *

The cost of this course is £20 per person for each annual licence. 

If you are implementing for more than 10 people use the enquiry form to the right or call us on 0808 164 3999

Source: CyberEdge, Cyber threat report 2017

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The cost of the course is £20 per person for each annual licence.

If you are implementing for than 10 people use the enquiry form above and we will get in touch about your schedule and volume discounts.

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Collect CPD Credits

Our Data Protection & Security Awareness course is certified by the CPD Certification Service and will earn each employee one hours worth of CPD.  We provide a report covering each employee showing the pass grade so that you can provide an audit of training.

Who should take this course

Data Protection risk has never been so important.  Employees actions are quite possibly the biggest risk that your organisation faces.  This course is essential for all employees who interact with personal data on a regular basis.

WHAT ARE THE Course Contents

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GDPR and Data Protection Laws

Covering the significant changes brought on by the GDPR principles, the rights of the data subject, the sanctions that could be applied by the regulator and the impact of the requirement to deliver data protection by design and by default.

The course provides a good high level overview of the regulation without burdening staff with excessive detail.

Data breach handling

Providing an interactive exercise to encourage staff to consider how different breaches can lead to different treatments.

This module encourages the reporting of a breach to the correct parts of your organisation.

Protecting data

Covering the protection of data both inside and outside of the office as well as being aware of the dangers of using personal data whilst travelling.

Cyber threats

Making staff aware of the threats which they face on a day to day basis including increasing the awareness of phishing, vishing and malware.

This module includes advice that can be used to identify potential threats

Managing equipment and data records

Providing an overview and awareness of how equipment and data records need to be treated at the end of life to ensure appropriate destruction.

Also covering good practice surrounding the records management process.

Password security

Discussing the principles of password security to make staff aware of the importance of passwords.

An interactive exercise encourages the use of more complex passwords to safeguard the security of your data.


The course includes a final assessment which presents 12 random questions from a larger question pool.

A pass mark of 70% is required and management reporting is available to evidence training which can be retained in the organisations Record of Processing Activities.

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Data Protection & Security Awareness

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